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Additional Spanish Property Management and Rental Services

When you finally get the keys to your new property in Spain it can be hard to imagine that anything can go wrong. It is only when you get back to the UK that doubts and anxieties can set in.

What if it is not secure?

What if it floods? (This happened to one of our properties with a faulty water purifier system).

What if the property is broken into?

Keyclean Property Management is in a unique position to take away your concerns and offer you peace of mind. We will be your point of contact overseeing the welfare of your property and keep you regularly informed and reassured. We are able to offer our customers a large selection of services, over and above those of our Full Management package, all of which will be carried out by our specialist teams to the same exacting standard you can expect throughout our company.

Key Holding

We will hold the keys of your property and upon request make them available to visiting guests or tradesmen. This is normally for owners who do not regularly rent out their property or want any other kind of service. We charge 10 Euros per month for this service. We can also arrange for one of our team to be at the property to meet visitors or tradesmen at an extra cost.

24 Hr Emergency Key Call Out Service

We charge an initial first hour call out fee, anything after that will be charged on a per hour basis plus locksmith costs. New locks will be fitted if required at cost of replacement lock and installation charges. If the person residing in the property locks the keys on the inside of the door and is unable to gain access, (as in our experience has happened before), the locksmith will need to gain entry via the doors by drilling out the old locks, additional costs will then be incurred.

All of the above costs are paid by the person residing in the property at that time and not the owner, unless of course there has been a break in, in which case the owner is responsible for all costs which can then be redeemed from his insurance company.

Call Out Service

This service can be used to liaise with tradesmen and receive deliveries, gain access to the property to carryout maintenance and repairs or an emergency. We charge a call out fee per visit which includes waiting for up to 1 hour. Anything after that will be charged on a per hour basis.

Welcome Packs

Welcome packs are available at the cost of the purchase plus a sur charge of 5 euro per pack.

Repairs and Maintenance

During the course of your normal property inspections various maintenance/repair situations may arise. These will be notified to you immediately and we have an excellent maintenance team at most competitive quotations.

Garden Maintenance

We are pleased to be able to offer a professional garden maintenance service. Weekly - watering, deadheading, cutting back, pruning, border tidying/weeding, lawn mowing. Purchase of plants (at an extra cost to the owner) and planting, if required.

Airport Pick up Service

We can quickly and simply arrange for you or your guests to be picked up from any airport, for large groups we advise you visit the following site for competitive prices


Window/Grill Cleaning Rates

Windows, frames and grills are cleaned once a month or as required. The rate is dependant on the size of the property.

Cleaning & Laundry

We can provide all types of cleaning services from departure cleaning, linen change, end of year cleaning, builders clean, refresher cleaning (prior to arrival) and external cleaning (patios, terraces, furniture, etc.). Please contact for prices

Patio, Terrace & Pool Jet / Pressure Washing

Using a high powered pressure washer we can clean patios, terraces and pool areas. On arrival at your holiday home after a tiring flight we know that the last thing that anyone wants to do is sweeping the dust from the patio. Alternatively if a jet wash is not required we can clean all patios prior to arrival of guests. Prices start at 15€ depending on the size of property. Let us take that burden away from you.


Emergency Telephone Availability

Our office hours are 9.30 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday and 10 am to 1 pm Saturday and our staff will be only too happy to help with any enquiries or difficulties that you may have. Out of office hours we are able to offer our 24/7 service in case of emergency and a one-hour call out service for plumbers, electricians etc.

Full Inventory

We can make a full inventory of the property's contents. Inventories are essential if your second home is very much in use by guests. Also an inventory will become invaluable in the unfortunate event of a break-in or the property's contents being damaged and any resulting insurance claim.

Translation Service

We are able to provide a translation service for owners and guest. This service can be very helpful if for instance you have had a break in within your property and need to attend the police station to make a report, or if you are having trouble getting a phone line installed, etc.

We can also help with obtaining N.I.E. numbers, Residencia and Notary applications. The charges start from 25 € per hour.